Information Call

No Obligation Information Call-Back

We are happy to extend to you a FREE, no hype, no pressure, no obligation information call directly to you to assist you in deciding if our program is right for you. You’ll experience first hand – a “no hard-sell discussion” to ensure that you feel comfortable with us and our program. We want you to be secure in knowing that we are the “right fit” to meet your training needs. Your information call request will be followed up by Dr. Randin Brons, Chief Learning Officer of the Express Coaching™ programs.

Daris Blickman, M.L.C.
Carmel, IN USA

Laura Crane, C.L.C., M.S.L.C.
Thorndale, ON CANADA

Book Your Call-Back:

(Within the Continental US and Canada only)

Our offices reside in Vancouver, British Columbia and in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Calls may be booked Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific (12:00 Noon – 7:00 PM Eastern).

If your schedule dictates that you receive a call-back on weekends, we will do our best to meet your need. Should Dr. Brons be unavailable at your selected time, his staff will endeavor to arrange an alternative time via email.

Upon receiving your request, 0ur Administrative Team will confirm that a call can be placed to you at the day and time that you have requested. Request your call-back below.

*Your request will not be processed if any information is missing.