We are dedicated to connecting with people in a simple, yet effective manner. Here we provide several ways for you to contact us. Please choose one of the following options below.

Place a phone call to us. Our Chief Learning Officer and Founder of Express Coaching will be pleased to receive your phone call and answer any questions that you may have

  • Dr. Randin Brons / Chief Learning Officer
    800.925.7116 Ext. 2 [Toll Free North America]

For general enquiries:

Mailing address:
We do not reply to unsolicited mail. As our business is completely Internet driven and with no physical campus, all brochures and information regarding our programs are available online.

  • Express Coaching™ / North America / Corporate Office:
    c/o Rhema International Training Group Inc.
    1030 Denman Street
    Suite 125
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Canada V6G 2M6
  • Express Coaching / South Africa:
    All communications move through the Forth American Corporate Office.