Program Delivery

Offering one of the most comprehensive coach training programs since 1992, Express Coaching™ faculty members are professionally trained, experienced coaches who have developed their own unique private practices. Our  certified coach training program is fully accredited as coach specific training hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is augmented through our partnership with ASC based out of Campbellsville, KY. USA, providing a solid foundation of business-building specific to the coach solo-preneur.

As we have no physical campus to maintain – you receive training at its best … and at a reasonable cost that fits almost any budget.

Using our Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM), you will quickly learn a complete “turn-key” coaching model that will set you on your way FAST! Our model is so effective that when followed, you will achieve coaching certification in just 6-months, no travel or lodging expenses, and paying clients in your practice usually BEFORE you graduate.

Learn at the Speed of Technology –

Our program offers ‘LIVE interactive training’ with your instructor and other students through the ease and convenience of teleclasses (regular long-distance charges apply).  As a teleclass student you receive a phone number to call that will connect you to your class instructor and fellow class participants. Join in from a comfortable, convenient location of your choice (home, work or a vacation destination) using your home land line, cell phone or even using SKYPE! You’ll experience first-hand this fun, innovative way to learn.

What if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend live calls?

Should your schedule not attend live teleclasses either due to employment or your geographical location (outside of the Continental US and Canada), you may complete your training by means of our pre-recorded lecture series. This format is easy to use and permits training to be provided when your busy schedule permits. These recordings will make you feel like you are right there – attending a live teleclass. Using this format, you will still complete the program in 6-months with full certification.

Fast-Track advancement –

The aim of Express Coaching™ is to provide you with the opportunity to learn the practical craft of coaching in the shortest time possible. To ensure your success, we provide you with a complete “Turn-key” system. Our Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM) provides you with:

* A model of effective coach/client relationship;
* Complete coaching session guide (you’ll know exactly what to say as you learn!)
* An effective client enrolment strategy;
* Powerful marketing from a realistic prospective that gets you noticed. How to:
o Identify your particular lucrative coaching niche
o Building a market presence
o Become a market niche leader
* Affirmation Frame recordings (subliminal recordings to enhance your client’s learning experience);

During the learning process, you will develop your coaching competencies, practice them, and quickly become masterful at them. Emphasis is placed on job-ready skills so that you can enter the field as a new coach with credentials corresponding to, and building upon your previous training and expertise. More importantly, you will learn the secret to building your professional services without having to ‘sell it’ to anyone. This well-kept secret alone is worth the entire cost of this course.

Mentoring & Tutor Support –

As a student of Express Coaching™ you are never left to your own devices. You receive unlimited email access to our Chief Learning Officer and mentor who specializes in this field of study. Your mentor’s role is to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with any constructive feedback along the way. In addition to receiving weekly emails to inspire, provide insights and ideas for achieving your personal goals, you will have the opportunity to interact with a community of students and alumni who share your interests.

Program Prerequisites –

There is no previous experience or qualifications required prior to your enrolment into your course of choice. Programs are available to individuals of all academic backgrounds. Should you be unsure if you meet any general student requirements, please contact us. If you are under legal age of consent, a parent or guardian should be advised of your wanting to enroll in our program.

Continuing Support –

Express Coaching™ offers continued support throughout your program and beyond. We will develop an ongoing personal relationship you. Upon successful graduation you will receive:

* Your duly signed and sealed certificate printed on high quality parchment once you become a member of the Certified Coaches Alliance;

* A private ‘Graduate Authentication Web Page’ through the Certified Coaches Alliance so that your clients, prospects and professional contacts can be assured of your credential;

* We supplement your professional standing by acting as your personal professional reference should you require our assistance;

* Our Support Team will keep you advised of any changes to our programs and developing trends in the coaching industry;

* More importantly, as a graduate of the Express Coaching™ program, you are permitted to fully participate in any ongoing teleconference calls of interest at absolutely no charge. You will have FREE access to refresher classes, updates, and new materials as a graduate of this program as well as interaction with our community of students and alumni.