Personal Accelerated Coach Practitioner Training Q & A

  • For whom is this 2-Day program a best fit? This program is designed for any individual who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and who has a limited time schedule. Training is ideal for psychologists, therapists and other trained professionals who wish to add coaching to their business services. The Certified Coach Practitioner program delivers a shorter stream of content ideal for results-driven individuals who prefer to hit the ground running and have a proven record of being highly self-motivated.
  • Must I commit to the full program in order to graduate? Yes. You must attend the entire training to receive your International coach certification standing. Time is booked in advance to best meet your busy schedule and the availability of your trainer.
  • Can the Certified Coach Practitioner Training Program provide me with all of the tools that I will need to provide quality coaching in only limited hours of training? We answer this question confidently, with an absolute YES! The 1-on-1 Coach Practitioner Program provides you with all of the tools that you will need to coach your clients to success by following our step-by-step action plan. No matter what your coaching interest or niche market may be our coaching model adapts to your need. All you will require is PRACTICE!
  • Will I be able to coach competently when I complete the program? The power behind the program is our coaching system. However, like anything worth while doing, you will require some practice to perform coaching well. We recommend that you complete 5 – 10 practice sessions with friends and family following our simple step-by-step coaching model before you begin working with paying clients. With a little practice, you’ll be ready to introduce your coaching skills to the world.
  • Will I receive any resources to assist me in building my coaching business? Absolutely. Through our ongoing creative partnerships you will receive a 6-month FREE Membership to ASC – based out of Campbellsville, KY (a $749.00 Value) if you pay your program tuition in one single payment, and 2-months FREE Membership to ASC – based out of Campbellsville, KY if you pay your tuition in 2-easy pay installments .  ASC is the foremost business-building site for coaches looking for resources to build a strong and powerful coaching business. After 2-months you may elect to become an ongoing member of ASC for only $19.97/month.
  • Is the Certified Coach Practitioner certification real? Yes, absolutely! The Certified Coach Practitioner Program carries 12 accredited learning-hours (including homework and reading assignments), through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and our certification standard is represented Internationally by the Certified Coaches Alliance recognized for its work within the coaching forum.
  • Are there any additional charges I should know about? No. Everything is included in your course except regular long distance charges to our teleconference line. Regular land lines are preferred as inexpensive calling cards and 3rd party  calling through services such as SKYPE can create unwanted noise on the line that is distracting for everyone. Teleclasses are presented on US teleconference line – International long distance charges may apply.
  • Are there any ongoing fees or dues that I must pay to continue my certification? Yes. Express Coaching™  has aligned with the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA) who is empowered to undertake the International representation of our certified coaches. The CCA is responsible for renewals of all certifications so that we have an accurate accounting of all coaches in active practice, those who have retired their certification and those individuals who have become deceased over the previous year. Certification renewals are based on 2 and 3-year renewal periods with the option of purchasing and Enduring Certification which requires no ongoing renewal. Renewal options starting from $54.00 each 2-years.
  • Is my first year’s certification fee included in the cost of my training? Yes, you receive a PVC card (like a credit card), and an online authentication link included with your training fees. Your first year certification cost is included with this program. However, when paying for training through installments, you receive your certification when you have completed your payment agreement. You must renew your certification each 1, 2 or 4-year period on the same month on which you graduated to legally keep your certification standing.
  • If I take the Certified Coach Practitioner course over the telephone, will I learn as much as in person? Absolutely! Our innovative program is completely interactive with your instructor and you will get all your questions answered.
  • Is there an examination that I must complete to receive my certification? NO! You will not be required to complete any examination with this program. The only requirement is that you attend all of the learning-hours.

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We invite you to call toll free: Dr. Randin Brons, Chief Learning Officer at 1-800-925-7116 Ext. 2.

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LIVE 1-on-1 TELECLASS TRAINING: One single payment of only $599.00 USD
All materials, manuals, 1st year’s CCA certification cost and 6-month ASC included as our gift to you.
Due to seating demand a registration fee of $197.00 is non-refundable.
You may cancel your training without further penalty within 14 days after purchase
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