Graduate Testimonials

We’re proud of what our students are saying!


Kristen Baker, M.L.C., M.S.L.C.

Litchfield, NH USA


Hollis Gaynor, C.R.D.C..

Syracuse, N.Y. USA


Kenya Johnson, M.P.G.C.

Detroit, MI USA




Our campus is world-wide thanks to the power of the Internet, so whatever your geographical location, your study can be easily achieved. We have trained or currently have students in training in the following countries:

  • PERU
  • UK
  • USA

What Our Graduates Are Saying About Us:

“How do you begin to express what it means to have your life changed? I came into the program believing that I would be learning new skills that I would practice and hone to change the lives of others, only to find that my life was changed dramatically along the way. I am excited about my new career and I had signed up clients even before I graduated. I am truly thankful for your training. — T. Gallow / Liaoning, China

“I am truly happy that I have trained with Express Coaching. Your step-by-step model made the process of learning so easy. Six-month has passed by so quickly, but I can honestly say that I am well on my way to living the life of my dreams while assisting others. Thank you, most sincerely for your support. — L. Perry /Cape Town, South Africa

“Thank you so much, Express Coaching team for a wonderful and enchanting venture into coaching and self-growth. The teleclasses were truly a joy and the lessons were purely powerful. I look forward to putting all that I have learned into my coaching practice. Your support and encouragement was awesome!” — B. Nunez / St. Davids, Wales

“Express Coaching is well worth the money and time. I am so happy to add Life Coaching to my practice and my clients are already seeing the benefits. Excellent! All the way around.” — J. Campbell / Alburquerque, New Mexico

“I really enjoyed myself during all these months while learning the skills of coaching. Each lesson was clear and easy to follow and now I have everything covered. What was of particular enjoyment to me was becoming certified as a Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach. These lessons were really a “trip” into the realm of spirituality. When we come to the point of thinking that we already know everything, here comes a wonderful program to give us enlightenment and open our minds to new discoveries. Thank you again, especially for all the kindness I received from Dr. Brons and his team. — E. Guerriero / Freiburg, Germany

“After spending a great deal of time and effort doing research on the various coach certification programs that are available today, I decided on Express Coaching. Not only did the Administrative Team take the time to answer all of my questions about the program and coaching as a career choice, I found that their client care (both before and after becoming a student), was absolutely phenomenal. The staff showed genuine interest that the program was appropriate for my learning and delivery needs. I found the entire experience from beginning to certification more than what I could have ever expected. Thank you, Express Coaching team! — B. Hanstead / Washington, D.C.

“At 56 years old, I have participated in the distance learning program to become a Life Coach through Express Coaching. I had a successful military career since 1969. and I took more than 7 years to choose a second career. Coaching was selected as the way among many other options and I’m sure I’ll be successful at this too. The program brought lots of changes to my life as a result of what I have learned. At the beginning I was not sure if this would be the right decision to reach my new life goal, because of the distance and language. First I was a little confused, then I decided to take that course and the results were fabulous. I could never imagine the great satisfaction I felt with the content. I am now a graduate and professional coach. Finally, I would like to be grateful to Dr. Brons and his team for their confidence in my talents and I promise that you will hear good news about my coaching work in South America. Thanks.” — J. Loaiza / Cusco, Perú, South America

“I want to express my deep gratitude for you and the Express Coaching staff. I am really impressed by the materials and the support to build my coaching skills and grow a profitable and sustainable coaching practice. I just want to give you a great big thank you for all your support and the excellent materials. I have personally grown over the last 22 weeks or so. I feel confident in my abilities to coach. My conversion rate to new clients is at about 60% and growing! Thank you!” — W. McDonnell / Guelph, Ontario CANADA

“I was introduced to the program through a friend. I had done my homework and shopped around. After picking up the phone and speaking with the people at Express Coaching I was very happy with how I was treated and how well they answered my questions. I am so happy to have taken this program. It is incredible! If you want to begin a program that will help you to build the skills you need while bringing together all of the aspects of beginning your own business, here is where you should be. I very highly recommend this program.” — J. Clements / Portland, USA

“I am so excited to begin my future in the field of coaching! I truly loved this course. Not only has the Express Coaching program given me to skills to coach – it has also provided me with a clear understanding on how to grow my coaching practice.” — P. Arnold / Chinautla, Guatemala

“I am glad to report that I have greatly enjoyed my studies. The Express Coaching Team was always helpful and quick to address any needs. Thank you!” — I. Falco / Guayaquil, Ecuador

“The Bursary Program was a God-send! I am so grateful for all of the wonderful things I have had the opportunity to learn through this great program. My financial situation was in quite a state when I began. Thank you for making this program affordable to me and changing my future.” — Carson J. / Adelaide, Australia

“I’ve loved every minute of my homework. I truly looked forward to working on the lessons each day–so much so that I am continuing to review the materials and believe I will do so for some time. I’m excited to share this wisdom with clients – I know that it can transform others as it has me. I’m glad I happened upon your program!” — Lynn S. / Fort Collins, USA

The Master LIFE Coach program was most enjoyable and very clear to follow. The Support Team was superb, always responding promptly to my emails. The course taught me about putting myself out of my comfort zone and just going for it, which is exactly what I did. I wish I could explain to you the sense of self-achievement and growth I felt once I had completed this wonderful course. I must just say how much I loved the Spiritual course; in fact I found it amazing. If only more of us were aware of the power within!” — Charlotte D. / Newport, South Wales

“This program has increased my level of insight not only with my clients but within me as well. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is considering becoming a Coach. You will find that it cuts to the chase and teaches you the meat and potatoes of how to use your intuition while implementing the understanding of using life experiences as a guide to connecting with clients. I found that I was motivated to become a better coach and to also continue educating myself. I learned many new tools that will allow me to help my clients better achieve their goals. I cannot give enough thanks to the staff for all of the support that they offered me while attending the course. Every email was answered right away and I was impressed with their promptness. Thank you again and again for your continuing support.” — D. Blickman / Westfield, IN. USA

“As I have continued my studies on the Master Spirit Life Coach training, I started to question why it took me so long to complete it. I have come to the realization that I subconsciously wanted to prolong my studies so they would not end. One thing is for sure, though, as I read through each lesson, it is the only time when I feel like I am truly understood and that there are more people like me out there, too.” — Angela F. / Tequesta, FL, USA

“Excellent course! I found that the course gave me some practical information that I could apply to my everyday life, as well as my professional career. Thank you.” — Bob D. / Arberdeen, UK

“I researched many Life Coaching programs before I chose Express Coaching at Rhema International. I was concerned with the accreditation process and it was confusing. However, I found that Express Coaching at Rhema International had a clear philosophy about the accreditation process which in my opinion showed great integrity on their part. When I read about the Bursary program that was the icing on the cake, the choice was easy, Express Coaching at Rhema International. I also found the program was developed with the same level of professionalism.” — Bob G / Cranbury, NJ, USA

“I could never have guessed that any program could give me all of the knowledge that I needed to get a business up and running so quickly. I am totally enjoying working with my clients and look forward to working as a self-employed individual within six months. Thanks!” — Laura M. / Toronto ON, CANADA

“I truly enjoyed earning my Master Life Balance Coach certification through Express Coaching at Rhema International. Dr. Brons and the staff at Express Coaching were very supportive and quickly responded to any questions I had. The best aspect of this training for me was the convenience. I was able to study the materials and take the exams when it was good timing for me, which allowed me to perform at my best. I look forward to my continued relationship with Express Coaching as they assist me in furthering my educational and business efforts.” — Angela F. / Tequesta, FL, USA

“This program was fabulous. I was sceptical at first, but as I jumped in, I couldn’t stop. My experience with this program was only positive as I had unlimited support from my advisor, which impressed me to no end. As much as one may think they are motivated and positive, this program not only provides you with the information, but it does something more powerful…..It truly motivates YOU! I would highly recommend this program and I found the Action Assignments to be challenging and priceless.” — Kristen L.B. / Litchfield NH, USA

Carol Foster, C.L.C., M.S.L.C.
Franklin, IN USA


Cynthia Corsetti, C.E.C.
Pittsburgh, PA USA


Finding Express Coaching™ has been quite a journey for me! Wow, I would sum up this program as ‘turning up the volume’ on my career aspirations.” — David W. / Beaverton OR, USA

“My overall experience with the program has been wonderful and the folks at Rhema International have been very supportive.” — Christine J. / London ENGLAND

“I appreciated all that was in the program. I spent some enlightening and pleasurable times reading the materials. Some of the contents have been new but resonated with my core beliefs. As a matter of fact, some of the lessons took away some of my limiting beliefs I have held.” — Anna S. / Alma, KS, USA

“This program clearly makes the complexities of becoming a life coach nothing more than child’s play! Within weeks I was working in coaching part-time. I am now working toward full-time capacity and my goal is to leave my current job within the next few months. Amazing! Thank you for your support.” — Brad S. / Manhattan, NY, USA

“I fully expected that the Express Coaching™ course would be revolutionary but I was really surprised just how quickly I began working in the field. This program is fantastic! Express coaching explains and lays out a simple plan and the steps to beginning a brand new career in so little time. I would recommend this program to anyone considering working as a life coach.” — Calvin R. / Vancouver, BC CANADA

“What can I say? The Express Coaching™ program was so easy to understand. I made my transition into a full-time life coaching career easier than I ever would have dreamed possible! Thank you – I love my job!” — Marina S. / Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“Just wanted to express my thanks for your coaching course. I particularly enjoyed studying for my Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach certificate. The affirmations are great, as well as the prayers.” — Jenine M. / Vacaville, CA, USA

“The Master Spirit Life Coach course truly helped me open up my heart to the world. It gave me insight into the workings of my mind and the source of my fear-based decisions. It helped me to see that by helping people heal in a loving open way, I can help the world heal–that truly looking into the eyes of another soul and caring about how he or she feels, offering guidance or a hug, can send peaceful vibrations out into the world. I can help create a peaceful world one person at a time.” — Sharon S. / Salt Spring Island, BC CANADA

“I feel the content of this course was great. I will use the spiritual awakening the rest of my life. The help I received was just incredible.”– Eleanor P. / Halifax Nova Scotia CANADA

“I have been extremely impressed at the simplicity, yet profound lessons in the MSLC program. I was looking for specific ways to implement and facilitate change in both my spiritual life and the lives of others … and I found it.” — Linda K. / Jamestown SOUTH AFRICA

“Most impressive experience. I highly recommend anyone to take the program who is interested in growing both professionally and spiritually. This is better than any other course that I have ever taken.” — Irene L. / Whitehorse Yukon CANADA

“Very good! Each of the lessons that were presented were simple and yet eye-opening for me. The presentation enabled me to help my self-assessment, gain insight into my behavioral patterns and acquire skills useful to pass on to others searching for spiritual growth.” — Rick M. / Stockholm SWEDEN

“The ideas and techniques were explained very well and were easy to understand. Anyone can do this program and learn from it. I learned more from this course than I did from any other spiritual courses that I have taken.”– Lloyd A. / Sacramento California USA

“The content was well presented and very effective. I found that the materials walked me through every step necessary to begin a profitable practice in Coaching. I am looking forward to quitting my current outside employment and working for myself full-time in the next few months!” — Trish B. / Cork IRELAN

Isabella Falco, M.L.C.
Guayaquil, Equador
Gary Glasscock, M.C.L.C., M.S.L.C.
Campbellsville, KY USA
James Lawrence, M.H.F.C.
Gulf Breeze, FL USA