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Our path began in 1990 with the development of a program specifically designed for individuals seeking assistance in areas self-improvement. Life Coaching became our primary focus [although it was not known as Coaching, at that time], in 1992 as we began offering one and two-day ‘intensive’ workshops in cooperation with sponsoring community organizations. Back in 1992, we were sailing through relatively uncharted waters. Over time, the power of the Internet has afforded us a growing professional network and a campus and student body that is currently world-wide. We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in Coaching and continue to remain a forerunner in the development of tools specific to individuals interested in a professional career as a Life Coach.


http://thelifecoachcertification.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/RANDINFINALS-4w-250x250.jpgThe Express Coaching™ Administrative Team all share a passion for work that is meaningful and has a lasting impact. Led by our Founder, C.E.O. and Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Randin Brons, PhD, C.M.H., M.S.L.C., our team comes together in one common vision: to deliver quality world-class, affordable coach training.

We strive to ensure that our students are supported through their learning experience and well into developing their coaching careers. We are a diverse group of dedicated professional individuals who bring to the table a multitude of experience in both coaching itself and business acumen.

Founded by coaches for coaches, Express Coaching™ has years of targeted experience providing coach training and giving coaches cutting-edge skills and expertise in what it takes to enter the world of coaching on a professional level. We have trained, coached and certified hundreds of students worldwide. We keep our training classes small to ensure an intimate experience between the trainer and students. We are proud to be preparing the next generation of personal coaches who will transform the world … one coaching conversation at a time. If you are ready for training and determined to build a business rather than a hobby, this is the place for you.


http://www.expresscoaching.co/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/VSwartz-Large2-4.jpgThe South Africa Division led by Vernon Swartz- MBA, CCEC, affectionately known as Vern, is a highly experienced and professional Certified Life, Executive and Corporate Coach with thousands of coaching hours behind his belt. Vern has been actively involved in the coaching industry for more than a decade across 3 different continents and was privileged to obtain a variety of qualifications from several reputable and accredited coaching schools in the UK, Canada, the US and South Africa.

Vern sincerely and passionately believes that coaching can empower SA citizens to help transform communities and the nation one person and business at a time…and by becoming a coach they can follow in the footsteps of one of South Africa’s great moral and political leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela, who always encourages everyone to “get involved and make a difference in the lives of others and the world.”


* That the quality of one’s life is directly related to the extent that the individual honors his/her own personal vision and goals;
* That to the extent that an individual directs focus on his/her own personal vision and goals is directly related to the manifestation;
* That directed thought in and of itself is the true power of creative expression and therefore has the power to render change, heal, inspire and energize.


Express Coaching™ is governed by, and relies upon, the sound knowledge and advice of a number of trusted professional persons who make up our ‘Advisory.’ Together, these individuals bring to the table a rich and diverse body of experience and backgrounds that are unparalleled. Each member of our Advisory is dedicated to further the cause of life coaching and is considered an independent resource.


Our offices reside in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Being a licensed privately owned and operated business, Express Coaching™ has no share holders or out-sourced funding bodies. We are considered a private, online, Internet trainer whereby admittance to any of the programming may be refused to anyone at anytime, without explanation.


The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Standards that we adhere to is threefold. First, it provides the broad principles and values to which coaches subscribe. These include confidentiality and the utmost concern for the welfare and success of the client. Secondly, it provides rules for coaches to use in many of the specific situations that a coach might encounter. Finally, this Code is meant to serve as a building block for the ethical and moral standards of coaches. While each individual coach certified agrees to follow this Code, they are encouraged to supplement and add to it in order to build a lifelong commitment to building an ethical workplace and profession that lives and breathes for oneself.

You can download a PDF of our Code of Ethics and Standards of coaching as adopted by the International Academy of Coach training by visiting our PDF gallery.


Express Coaching™ neither practices or tolerates discrimination and/or harassment towards anyone on the grounds of race, ancestry, color, ethnic background, citizenship, creed, religious or political affiliation, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, handicap or disability. Any act of discrimination is prohibited and is cause for Express Coaching™ to terminate any person’s affiliation with the organization.


Student financial assistance is available through Express Coaching™ in the form of bursaries. A bursary may be awarded to any qualifying adult to reduce the total cost of tuition paid for the program. Scholarship Program seats are limited and only become available as students graduate from the program.


Your privacy is our priority. We want to keep your experience with us over the Internet as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. We will NEVER sell, share or offer your name, e-mail address to anyone at any time without your permission. By requesting information through submitting your email address to us, you agree to accept our information and the occasional promotion that may coincide with your area of interest.


Although every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this Web is accurate, Express Coaching™ does not warrant its accuracy. All individual use of the information and materials is considered and deemed voluntary. Our programming is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric care. Express Coaching™ disclaims any liability to any third party anywhere in the world for any injury, damage, direct or indirect loss, consequential or economic loss or any other loss suffered as a result of the use of reliance upon the information contained in this Web or course materials. Many products supplied through this site are provided courtesy of members and affiliates and as such, Express Coaching™ maintains no responsibility for inaccuracies, omissions in content or copyright. Trademarks, logos and service marks (collectively, the “Trademarks”) appearing on this site are Trademarks of Rhema International. Nothing contained on the Site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the Site without full written permission. Any use of or display of the Trademarks displayed on the Site is strictly prohibited.


Express Coaching™reserves the right to alter or modify its programming and/or requirements at any time; to offer courses in accordance with demand and as availability should dictate; to introduce or modify certification levels; and to make any other chances necessary to our programs and activities without exception.