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    We are the most cost-effective ICF/CCA approved training available.

    Finally, a truly affordable ICF approved coach training program offering the most effective "turnkey" model of coaching guaranteed to get you to your goal of coach certification FAST! After all, what you really want to do is coach. Invest a few short months of your time and discover why we are your best choice for coach certification. Experience our superior, easy to follow curriculum that has been delivered to thousands of successful coaches since 1992. With our specialized business-building modules anchored throughout our program, you will discover why we are considered the express route to a successful coaching career in the shortest amount of time.

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    Become an Internationally Certified Coach in six-months!

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    Make a great living helping others succeed using our coach mastery system.

    Founded by coaches for coaches, our coaching system uniquely enables our graduates to provide strong, effective, results-driven coaching with proven tools and methodologies. Our exclusive "Success Conversion Coaching" model is built upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards which are recognized by most world-wide coaching associations. Our Certified Life Coach training is considered our "core training" and carries the illustrious hallmark of approval through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as Sixty Approved Coach Specific Training Hours. This means that you can trust the content and quality of our program. Bottom line, our graduates have the immediate recognition of a highly skilled professional changing the world, one conversation at a time.

    This is not the average coaching program.

    Only Express Coaching offers you a long-term career strategy.

    Build your own viable business, not a hobby.

    Many coaches fail before they even get started because they’re missing a long-term coaching business strategy. With proven coaching models, success systems and aligned personal support you have a recipe to make sure you live and coach brilliantly! We created our program for people like you who wish to receive a high-value coach education, get connected, get beyond the limitations of beginning a successful coaching businesses.

    We won't keep you in training longer than necessary. Express Coaching™ provides a complete, easily mastered system that successfully walks you through every important step from preparing for and performing the coaching session itself, to selling your coaching services to prospective clients. There is no guess work involved. If you can follow directions, you can't go wrong! Our exclusive system will have you practicing and perfecting your coaching skills in just a few short weeks while you continue your learning experience.

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    Lori Brant, C.L.C.
    Barrie, ON CANADA

    Linda Stalder, C.H.C.
    Gulf Breeze, FL USA

    Are You A Natural-Born Coach? Try our FREE Assessment!

    Based on psychological principles, our 50 question assessment determines if you possess the right skills, abilities, and talents to be an effective coach. This is NOT your usual generic quiz! Instead, this 50-question assessment looks beyond the simple characteristics of being a good coach, to see whether you are a natural coach. Many people can learn to be a coach, but few seem to be born to be a coach. Take this assessment now to see if you are a "natural." 

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    Personal Accelerated Certified Coach Practitioner Training

    This 12-hour immersion program provides you with all of the tools you'll need to be a an awesome coach! Ideal for the psychologist wanting to add coaching to his/her services, individuals working in HR, health services and community organizations. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, being self-motivated with the desire to enter the coaching arena without months of study is best.

    This Certified Coach Practitioner Program is a complete coach certification training program that is approved by the International Coach Federation as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours. This program also qualifies as Continuing Education Units. Tuition is only $599.00 USD inclusive.


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    Dawn Rubin, C.S.D.C.
    Liberty, MO USA

    Barry Chaffee, C.L.C.
    Schwenksville, PA USA


    Sarah Galbraith, C.B.C., M.S.L.C.
    Walkerton, ON CANADA


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  • Our Connection with the ICF:

    The Express Coaching™ Success Conversion Coaching Certified LIFE Coach training carries Sixty Approved Coach Specific Training Hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF continuously evaluates programming for excellence in curricula, core competencies, faculty, structure, proficiency, and ethics to support the highest quality in the training.
    ICF Approved Program

    Success Conversion Coaching is an accelerated program delivered via teleconference classes containing 24 independent, stand-alone modules delivered over 24-weeks...

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